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350 year old Sycamore that had fallen down

Last week was a sad week. We had to deal with a 350-year-old Sycamore that had fallen down.

Most of the timber was rotten so this will go to biofuel. We did leave the stem as a monolith as this will become a home for hosts of bugs and insects.

We were instructed to fell a large number of ash trees due to the ash dieback, however, this timber will be processed into logs for Stratford on Avon, Shipston, Alcester, Warwick, and other surrounding areas.

On a happier note, we have been given the job of replanting with various species such as silver birch, elm, oaks, lime (which bees love) spruces, and low-level trees such as spindle, hawthorn and laurel.

Firewood processing is going well and orders are coming in from Stratford and surrounding areas.